Ancora Flor – Peds



  • Improves the overall Ecosystem of the gut
  • Contains the most comprehensively studied strain (LGG)
  • Gut healing and enhanced Immune response properties
  • Positive effects on GI, Respiratory, Dermatological disorders
  • Survives passage to the Colon
  • Naturally resistant to Antibiotics
  • Blended formulation for enhanced effectiveness
  • Contains a Prebiotic (Inulin)
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  • 1. Why should I take a Probiotic?

    Probiotics allow the naturally occurring bacteria in our Intestines maintain a healthy ratio of “good vs bad” bacterial balance and improve overall gut health.

  • 2. Which Probiotic is best for me?

    Choosing a Probiotic is challenging and the best Probiotic for anyone is best chosen together with a Physician.

  • 3. What is special aboutAncoraflor-Peds?

    Ancoraflor-Pedsis a Probiotic blend designed by a Physician who specializes in Gastroenterology. Our formulation is comprised of well established ingredients produced from resources in the USA for the benefit of promoting Intestinal and overall health.

  • 4. Does a Probiotic need to be taken every day?

    Probiotics should be taken daily to provide a constant presence in the Intestine. The benefits of the Probiotic will fade away if the Probiotic is not provided to the Intestine on a regular basis.

  • 5. Why should my child take a Probiotic?

    Probiotics have shown benefits to children in many ways including positive effects on certain Gastrointestinal, Pulmonary and Dermatological conditions. Probiotics are considered safe for use in Pediatric patients.