Probiotics are becoming a part of conversations within the Scientific community over the past few years.
Understanding the mechanisms and interactions occurring in the GI tract will undoubtedly open up new marvels and potentially new treatment benefits in GI Health. There are many, many strains of Probiotics which over time science will reveal the uniqueness they each possess with regards to impact on the microbiota we all need to live. There are terms which you will become exposed to and I would like to discuss some of these terms now.

Microbiota -The microorganisms of a particular site, habitat, or geological period.
Pathogenic – of a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism causing disease.
Probiotic – denoting a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora)
Prebiotic – A non digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

This simple statement below will provide a simple foundation to the basic concept of the probiotic science to come, and allow you to build your knowledge of how probiotics benefit all of us.

“ Our entire body and mind are interrelated in a complex system of systemic checks and balances. The body has over a trillion microbiota living in our intestines with an important balance between beneficial, harmful and pathogenic organisms exist. Probiotics are the beneficial participants in this process and a prebiotic is the fuel they digest and start to grow with as the probiotics proliferate.”

I hope you found this useful and continue to follow this blog. I will be building upon this more and more with each future post.

“Better Balance. Better Health”™

Dr. Michael Sciarra